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Privacy Policy
If you're like us, you don't want your name and personal information sold to mass marketers.
Our policy is simple: WE DO NOT REVEAL, SELL OR TRADE OUR CUSTOMERS' NAMES OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE -- EVER! We do use your personal information to provide you with the best experience possible and we periodically send you e-mails unless you request us not to.

To further ensure your privacy, our secure server software encrypts all of your personal information so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

Security Policy
For site security purposes and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 53 web servers employ industry-standard methods to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers servers are strictly prohibited and may be punishable by law.

In the specific context of this security monitoring, there is no expectation of privacy. However, only in the case of actual law enforcement investigations, will we attempt to identify individual users or their usage habits.

Integrity of Information
We will use appropriate safeguards to present the unauthorized modification of any information that is collected by, stored on or passing through our systems.

Availability of the Service
We will determine the availability requirements of our systems in consultation with business users, participating companies and service providers and will ensure that these requirements are met.


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Training Available
OSHA 10 and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes are now available. OSHA 10 is a requirement on many projects and CPR is something that every member should be certified in. Also, we will be conducting Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct (PCCC) training. Every member is required to participate in this program. Notices of those not yet trained through the PCCC will be mailed out shortly, if you haven't received it already.
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Help Fight Us Fight Against Shady Fast Track Deals
The labor movement continues to push back hard on Fast Track and shady trade deals with a national week of action. Unions are leading this fight, and we are poised to win. Why wouldn't we want to make sure future trade deals will have a positive impact on the U.S. trade balance, create good, family-wage jobs, and protect the environment and our natural resources?
Fast Track legislation shrouds trade deals in secrecy. It makes it nearly impossible for Congress to fix trade deals that harm our economy and environment. It prevents citizens from providing input to proposals while the deal is being negotiated. It makes you wonder what they're trying to hide.

Tell your representative Fast Track is undemocratic and that we have the right to know what's in a trade deal before it is finalized. For more info, visit http://www.nofasttrack.com/

Pick up the phone to call your representative now at 1-855-712-8441!
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