Application Requirements

The International Associate of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union Local # 53 Joint Apprenticeship Program is seeking candidates who have a desire to learn and progress as a true craftsman. If you are such an individual, we encourage you to apply. The Apprenticeship Program offers a lifetime of personal and professional fulfillment. 

The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union Local #53 Joint Apprenticeship Program is seeking individuals who meet specific qualifications.   

Basic Qualifications:

  • Eighteen years of age

  • Drug free

  • High School diploma or equivalent preferred

  • Experience with Algebra, Geometry and mechanical drawing preferred    

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to work long hours

  • Ability to withstand harsh weather conditions

  • Ability to work at significant heights and/or confined spaces

All apprentices receive hands on training in all the latest applications with all the newest insulation materials, often before the materials hit the market. All apprentice members are trained in the following applications:

  • Fundamental Insulation I 

  • Applied Insulators Math I 

  • Labor History  

  • Field Experience I    

  • Applied Insulators Math II 

  • Field Experience II 

  • Advanced Metal Jacketing II   

  • Removable Insulation and Design 

  • Effective Supervision 

  • Field Experience IV 

  • Computer Labor Management 

  • Smart Mark Safety Training 

  • Confined Space Safety Training 

  • Prof. Craftsman Code of Conduct Training

  • Construction Safety I  

  • Vapor Barriers  

  • OSHA 10 – OSHA 30   

  • Fundamental Insulation II   

  • Construction Safety II   

  • Advanced Metal Jacketing I   

  • Field Experience III  

  • Blueprints, Codes and Specifications   

  • Construction Safety III  

  • Supervisor Asbestos Abatement  

  • Disaster Response  

  • Quality Control Craftsman Training  

  • Fire Seal and Penetration Certification  

  • Comet I & Comet II Training


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